Client contact points for HMRC

News: November 2012

Client contact points for HMRC

Increasingly, the forms issued by HMRC seem to ask for more data about you. We may well decide not to divulge your telephone numbers as we want to try and ensure that any queries concerning your tax affairs go directly to us. Now it has been reported that, as an example, form CF10 (application for Class 2 NICs small earnings exception) asks for the home, mobile and business phone numbers. Don’t worry, we won’t do that!

The dangers of divulging all those numbers was illustrated from the latest Annual Report from the Adjudicator, which mentions the case of a taxpayer who was sent a ‘Demand Notice for Immediate Payment’ in respect of an amount of tax already paid (nothing unusual about that unfortunately). He was then telephoned to chase the payment; this was bad enough, but the call was made to his mobile whilst attending a funeral.

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