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HotHouse Productions: Compelling programming for terrestrial television

HotHouse Productions was founded by TV Presenter and Producer Nick Fellows in 1998. The company specialises in producing lifestyle sports programmes for terrestrial TV, and has created programmes for all the UK’s major terrestrial broadcasters, as well as broadcasters in North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and South America. A former champion skier, Nick Fellows is probably best known to UK audiences as the face of Channel Four’s World Cup Skiing coverage. Here, he explains why working with Richard Brattle, a Director of Robinsons, has been good for his business.

“HotHouse has used Robinsons as its accountants since the company was founded. Richard Brattle has been instrumental in helping us build our business from a small TV production company, to a large multi-national player in lifestyle sports coverage.


Richard and I originally had a meeting of minds because we shared a passion for skiing! That was very important to me – I wanted to have an accountant who understood the drive and ethos behind the business I was setting up. I think that is one of the key reasons that our relationship has worked: he understands the synergy between creativity and commercialism. He’s not just a numbers man – he sees beyond the balance sheet and understands the heart of our business. In the ten years we’ve been working together, he’s helped us to find a book-keeper, produces our year-end accounts, and as our outsourced Financial Director, he advises us on a number of corporate issues. His advice has always been spot-on, even if it hasn’t always been what I’ve wanted to hear!

I am always hugely busy and I often don’t have the time or the inclination to keep my eye on impending financial deadlines. Because Richard is very proactive, I never have to waste my time chasing accounts – he makes sure that I have the information I need, when I need it. That’s gold-dust, as far as I’m concerned.


Working with Richard is more important now than ever before. The credit crunch is hitting the entertainment industry as much – if not more – than other business sectors. Like all other companies, HotHouse will have to be very careful in the months to come. But I’m confident that, thanks to Robinsons, we are in a strong position to weather the coming storm.”


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