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Tax Return Checklist

We would urge everyone to send in tax information as early as possible in the new tax season, to prepare for the quarterly filing regime which the government announced and implemented in 2019 (for VAT).

Information provided at the last minute may be incomplete and in some cases may mean that the correct amount of tax is not paid, which may lead to fines. Under the new Revenue penalty system they may say you are “negligent” if your return is missing any of the required information and consequently they may add a penalty to any tax due.

For this tax season we suggest you start to get all of your information together immediately after the tax year-ends on 5 April.

30 October is our advised latest due date…

…for sending all of the relevant information to us for the previous tax year so that we can make sure the data is processed in good time. Information sent in after this date may not be processed.

If any information at all is still outstanding at December we will not be able to file your Return on time and it will be filed as soon as possible after the January deadline.

In the following pages we have compiled a handy checklist of the main items you will need to assemble soon after the year-end.

*This is a general guide and is not exhaustive.


It is advisable to cross check EIS forms issued with the relevant company Annual Return on a regular basis to ensure the two correspond.

Thank you for using our Tax Return checklist, we hope you found it useful.

If you have any queries about the information provided, large or small, please feel free to get in touch