Top tips to help your business get “googled”

News: February 2012

Top tips to help your business get “googled”

Optimise your “about us” page
This is where you’ll spend the most time optimising your company’s profile. The better your company profile is, the better impression you’ll make on both Google and anyone who stumbles across your site.

Give Google more information
Google is hungry for content. The more you can give it, the better you’ll rank. When it comes to the company profile, try to use between 300-500 words. The more detailed your company profile, the more weight Google will give to your site and the higher it will rank.

Exact match domains
Currently, one of the most important factors in Google’s ranking algorithm is the words that make up your domain name. If a searcher enters the query “alloy wheels,” Google assumes a domain with a name like “” must be the most relevant.

Header and title tags
Make sure you have your exact keywords in the header and title tags of your web pages. If you don’t know how to do this, ask your web designer to do it for you. What are header and title tags? They’re the short descriptions usually right around or after the site name that briefly explain what the page is about.

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