Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)


Invest in EIS or Seed EIS qualifying companies

  Before 6 April 2018, individuals may invest in companies that qualify under the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and treat that investment as having been made in 2016/17. The tax relief is 30% of the amount invested.  So a £20,000 investment can reduce the 2016/17 tax liability by £6,000. Investing in a Seed EIS qualifying company is even better as

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EIS tax relief increased for investment in tech businesses

EIS tax relief increased for investment in tech businesses. The Government will double the amount that an individual may invest under the EIS in a tax year to £2 million from the current limit of £1 million, provided any amount over £1 million is invested in one or more knowledge-intensive companies. The annual investment limit for knowledge-intensive companies receiving investments

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Is the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) right for your business?

  The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) is designed for smaller, higher-risk trading companies to raise and build finances by offering tax relief to prospective investors. Such incentives are intended to counterweigh some of the risks. Entry into the scheme is subject to a decision and audit made by an appointed tax officer, thus a strong business proposal is crucial. The

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