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What Is It? A diminishing shared ownership agreement is also a means of purchasing an asset without the use of a loan, but in this case ownership of the asset will only pass

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HMRC has launched a consultation ‘Tax Simplification for Alternative Finance’. This explores proposals to address the difference in Capital Gains Tax (CGT) treatment when property is refinanced using alternative, rather than conventional, finance

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For over half a century, the application of capital gains rules has been a contentious issue, leading to potentially huge refunds for taxpayers. This long-standing oversight, which has persisted for 58 years, warrants

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  Private Residence Relief (PRR) is a crucial component of the UK's tax system, providing homeowners with relief from Capital Gains Tax (CGT) when selling their primary residence. This relief is designed to

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In a significant legal victory for taxpayers, the First Tier Tribunal (FTT) ruled in favour of Gerald and Sarah Lee in their dispute with HMRC regarding Private Residence Relief (PRR) for a replacement

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Capital Gains Tax 2023 is an important topic to understand, and many of our clients have asked for more information. The Chancellor announced the following measure affecting Capital Gains Tax in his Spring

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Special Report: Changes to Capital Gains Tax, private residence and lettings reliefs Home sweet home For many, owning and selling their own home is thought to be tax-free but, as always, tax is

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  Consultation on ancillary CGT reliefs A capital gains tax (CGT) exemption applies when an individual disposes of a dwelling that has been used as their only or main residence under the Private

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  HMRC warning: time to declare offshore assets HMRC is warning that taxpayers could face penalties if they fail to declare their income on foreign assets before new ‘Requirement to Correct’ legislation comes

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  Before 6 April 2018, individuals may invest in companies that qualify under the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and treat that investment as having been made in 2016/17. The tax relief is 30%