HR tips for small business owners

News: March 2012

HR tips for small business owners

Unlike large multi-national businesses, small owner-managed firms don’t have the resources or need for a full time HR person (or people). However, like larger organisations they are looking to improve their work practices, efficiency, and performance by using best HR practices. Recruiting and retaining great staff is key to any businesses’ success and this is the most important HR task on a small business owner’s plate.

Accurate Job Specification

In order to make sure you attract the right applicants for the job, make sure that the job specification is relevant to the needs of your business. The potential candidates must have a clear understanding of what the role entails and what skills and experience are required.

Standard Application Form

In order to filter candidates at an early stage (and therefore save time in processing applications) you should develop a standard application form which all applicants must complete in order to be considered for the role. The application form should record details of qualifications and identification in order to allow the business to filter out unsuitable candidates prior to inviting eligible applicants for interview.

Take time to review your processes

Try to be realistic about what you require from candidates. Define the skills required to do the job and agree them prior to the interview stage. Don’t change your mind about what you are looking for and take time to make decisions about which candidates to recruit.

Help new recruits on-board

In small businesses, a common mistake is to assume that a new employee will perform exactly as expected. A new employee must be provided with information that will help improve their chances of contributing immediately to the firm. Management should take the time to train new recruits, explain how the business works and give the new employee(s) a chance to learn the ropes. New staff should be provided with a manual outlining common processes and procedures in the business including safety, security, sales, ordering and so on.

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