Useful Names, Addresses and Telephone Numbers

This post is just one part of a 12-part guide to setting up a new business. Download the full business set-up guide to discover everything you need to know about satisfying HMRC and steering clear of any unwanted penalties and fines. 


NameAddressTel No
H M Revenue & Customs
Self Assessment Helpline0300 200 3310
Self-Assessment Orderline (for extra pages of the main tax return, help sheets and leaflets)0300 200 3610
New Employer Helpline0300 200 3211
Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) Helpline0300 200 3210
Newly Self-Employed Helpline0300 200 3504
Tax Credit Helpline0345 300 3900
VAT Helpline0300 200 3700
National Insurance Self-Employed Helpline0300 200 3505
Companies HouseCrown Way, Maindy, Cardiff  CF14 3UZ0303 123 4500


Sundry Internet Sites:Website Address
H M Revenue & Customs – Home Page
H M Revenue & Customs – News[]=hm-revenue-customs
NIC – Information
News providers –
Chartered Institute of Management
Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and
Association of Certified
BT Phone Net UK (UK online directory)
Royal Mail (Postcodes on line)
UK Street
GOV.UK (Government services and information)

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