Is your business base your home?

News: March 2011

Is your business base your home?

If you are self-employed and do the core work at the premises of the client, there may have been doubts before in being able to claim that your business base is your home. That can seriously restrict the scope for claiming tax relief on travel costs to and from your home to your various places of business.

Following a new tax case that could change this, it was decided that a sub-contractor must have a base for his business. The same could be said of other businesses, where your work on issues such as plans and quotes at home must be a part of your trading activity which does not therefore cease when you arrive at home to deal with these. Accordingly your base for the business is your home.

We will have to wait and see whether this decision is appealed against, but subject to that, we will ensure that any claim for tax relief for you is fully explored.

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