News: March 2011


VAT Rates and Thresholds

There were few changes announced for VAT. The rates and thresholds are as follows from 1 April 2011:

  • Lower rate – 0%
  • Reduced rate – 5%
  • Standard rate – 20%
  • Registration turnover – £73,000 (up from £70,000)
  • Deregistration turnover – £71,000 (up from £68,000)
Low Value Consignments

Low value consignment relief allows goods to be imported into the UK by post from outside the EU, with no VAT or duties charged, if the value of the package is less than £18. This has encouraged suppliers of CDs, DVDs and other durable items, to supply goods via the Channel Islands and other non-EU territories to avoid VAT being applied on the sale price. The monetary limit for low value consignments will be reduced to £15 from 1 November 2011, and this limit will be reviewed in March 2012. The Government will also look at other ways of closing this loophole.

Online Filing

It will be compulsory for all VAT registered businesses to file their VAT returns online from 1 April 2012. At present only businesses who became VAT registered from April 2010 or those with turnover of £100,000 or more must file VAT returns online. Also from 1 August 2012 all requests to register or deregister for VAT will have to be made online.

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