News: April 2011

New disclosure opportunity

Any taxpayers who have some undeclared income should take a serious look at the latest opportunity offered by HMRC to get their tax affairs sorted out with usually no questions asked and lower penalties applying than would be the case if HMRC approached them.

Although this new opportunity is supposedly aimed at plumbers, (hence the name “Plumbers Tax Safe Plan), HMRC makes it clear that in fact it is open to anybody whatever the source of income or capital gains and whether an individual or limited company.

To take advantage of this scheme there is a requirement to notify by 31 May with the actual disclosure plus payment being made by 31 August. Penalties will normally be 0%, 10% or 20%, depending on the circumstances. This is less than would normally be the case, and there is the added aspect that if the taxpayer can show that the extra tax to pay arose despite him or her taking reasonable care it means that HMRC can only go back 4 years.

We will be pleased to assist any taxpayer who has something to disclose. And we will make sure they get the best deal available.

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