Good reasons to hire summer interns

News: August 2011

Good reasons to hire summer interns

Social Responsibility – Hiring summer interns can be a great PR strategy. Interns should be seen as temporary staff who will benefit from some real world business experience. As a member of the business community, hiring interns each summer shows that your firm is giving back to society — an internship is an educational experience for candidates after all.

Getting Things Done – Hiring a summer intern is an excellent way of getting those tasks completed that you and your team simply don’t have time to complete. For example, updating 2,000 records in a contact database but a diligent intern will relish the opportunity to get some database management experience on their CV.

Hiring For The Future – Employers should view an internship programme almost like an interview process. Interns are the perfect candidates for future junior positions in your firm since they are familiar with your way of doing business and the systems, processes and procedures that are unique to your particular business.

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