New seed enterprise investment scheme (SEIS)

News: January 2012

New seed enterprise investment scheme (SEIS)

We now have more details of this exciting new scheme to start on 6 April 2012. It can give you significant tax breaks for small investments in start-ups, but of course it is high-risk (yes, we know, if there was little risk they wouldn’t need to offer big tax breaks!)

In summary:

  • Income tax relief at a 50% fixed rate, even if you pay tax at the 20% or 40% rates, with a maximum annual investment of £100,000
  • CGT exemption on gains made in 2012/13 reinvested in SEIS in the same tax year
  • An £10,000 investment via SEIS could therefore cost you only £2,200 with tax relief of 50% + CGT exemption of 28% = 78%

Careful planning can maximise the value of these substantial tax breaks, never forgetting to “not let the tax tail wag the commercial dog”. And if you are a new start-up business this could be a good way to raise much needed initial finance.

Keep in touch with us as we get closer to the start date of 6 April 2012 so we can advise how SEIS could have a role to play in your financial world.

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