Advisory fuel rates from your employer

News: July 2012

Advisory fuel rates from your employer

The quarterly review of rates from 1 June 2012 resulted in a small decrease of some of the rates for diesel, to reflect the slight fall in the price of that fuel, but the employer can if it wishes use the old rates for June and only apply the new rates from 1 July. That could help you a little, but the petrol rates are unaltered.

Fuel prices have recently reduced as part of a mini price war, but that will seemingly not last long with a 3p per litre increase being imminent as an increase in duty announced by the government.

The rates are:

engine size fuel cost per mile
petrol diesel LPG
to 1,400 cc 15p 11p
to 1600 cc 12p
1401 to 2000 cc 18p 13p
1601 to 2000 cc 15p
2000 cc 26p 18p 19p

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