Generate sign-ups to email marketing

News: December 2012

Generate sign-ups to email marketing

You spend hours each month writing and editing content for your e-newsletter, before sending it out to your list of 50 contacts. Although your e-newsletter may be of a high quality, sending it to 50 contacts is almost pointless as the audience is so small. So, how can you generate more subscriptions to your email marketing newsletters?

Promote the benefits

Your website should have a newsletter signup page. This is your chance to really sell your e-newsletter. You should explain clearly how subscribers can benefit from your email newsletter service, be it through receiving regular updates on rules and regulations (if you are selling advisory services) or perhaps special offers if you are a B2C firm.

Email footers

Even if your firm only has 20 staff, each of those employees may send 50, 100 or more emails a day. You can therefore standardise your firm’s email signature / footer to include a link to sign up to the monthly newsletter. The more emails that are sent by your staff, the more the e-newsletter is promoted, which should have a positive impact on your subscriber list over time.

Embrace social media

Social media offers vast opportunities to promote your e-newsletter and encourage people to subscribe. Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook allow you to join user groups and forums where you can engage with potential customers and demonstrate the value that your firm can provide, things that will encourage them to sign up. You can also connect with business contacts and existing customers online and encourage them to sign up too.

Keep it simple

Be smart about sign-up by keeping your sign-up form simple. Don’t ask prospects to fill out a dozen fields, even if most of them are marked “optional”. You should always keep online forms clean and simple.

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