News: January 2014

Corporation tax

profitsyear to31/3/15 (FY2014)31/3/16 (FY2015)
first £300,00020%20%
over £1.5m21%20%

The concept of associated companies will be of limited application once there is a standard rate of corporation tax of 20%, but it will still be relevant in determining whether the tax has to be paid by instalments by large companies. A simpler system will apply, based on 51% group membership, so this may help you avoid paying the tax before the normal due date of 9 months from the end of the accounting period (well 9 months + 1 day to be exact!).

Equally interesting is the news that the rules which restrict the availability of relief for trading losses on a change in ownership will be relaxed via Finance Bill 2014.

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