News: March 2014

National Insurance


The rates and thresholds for National Insurance Contributions for 2014/15 are:

Class:Weekly earnings Rate
Employer’s class 1 above primary thresholdAbove £15313.8%
Employee’s class 1 not contracted outFrom £153 to £80512%
Employee’s additional class 1Above £8052%
Married woman’s rate*From £153 to £8055.85%
Self-employed class 2(per week)£2.75
Share fishermen class 2 (per week)£3.40
Volunteer development workers class 2£5.55
Class 3 ( per week)£13.90
Annual profit thresholds
Small earnings exemption class 2£5,885
Self-employed class 4From £7,956 to £41,8659%
Self-employed class 4 additional rateAbove £41,8652%

*only available for women who made a valid married woman’s election before 11 May 1977.


From April 2016 class 2 NICs will be collected through self-assessment, rather than been paid as a separate direct debit on a monthly or six-monthly basis.

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