Get your marketing message right

News: April 2011

Get your marketing message right

No matter what type of industry you operate in, you must ensure that your marketing message is tailored for your target market. Many businesses make the mistake of trying to sell a product or service. The marketing message does not really need to communicate what that product or service is but instead the message needs to illustrate that the firm is selling a benefit. That benefit may be a solution to a problem, something that makes life easier or something that saves money for customers.

Take for example a Blackberry phone. The marketing message does not focus on the fact that they are selling you a piece of plastic and metal with a glass screen. Instead, the marketing message focuses on the benefits of the product to the customer. For example, the blackberry marketing message may focus on the benefit to the customer of being able to receive and reply to emails at any time and in any location. The message may also focus on other benefits like being able to take calls, send and receive texts and so on.

Don’t fall into the same trap that so many other businesses have fallen into. Don’t sell the product, sell the benefits of the product.

Next, it is important to focus your marketing message in order to make it appeal to your target market. Be specific about who your audience are and make sure that your message contains enough detail so that they can see how your product or service can be of benefit to them. Emotions form an important part of a purchase decision. Create a marketing message that appeals to your target audience. Use imagery and ensure that the detail of the message shows that your firm understands the requirements of the customer and displays how your product or service will benefit them.

Finally, your marketing message should be as simple as possible. Keep it straightforward as complex marketing messages can prove ineffective. Take a billboard for example. A potential customer who may be driving past a billboard will have about 2 seconds in which to read and interpret your advert. Therefore there is no point listing the top 10 benefits of your product or service as they simply won’t have time to read it all.