Winning business referrals

News: June 2011

Winning business referrals

Any business with the goal of growing larger wants current clients to refer their friends. Professional services firms depend on people vouching for their expertise and talent.

So how do you get your customers to talk about you in a positive light and refer some new business to you? It all begins with the service. Your firm must offer great service that cannot be matched by your competitors. Doing so helps create loyal customers who appreciate your firm’s passion for excellence.

They will talk about this among friends and colleagues. Social media sites like Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook offer your customers a great opportunity to endorse your product or service by “liking” it – i.e. book-marking your businesses site.

Ask for a referral: When you interact with a client to close a deal or complete a piece of work ask them if the experience was positive and would they refer a friend. Chances are they will give you a referral – because you asked.

Let your customers know that you care: Soon after a business transaction completes – ask the customer for some feedback. This shows the customer that you appreciated their business and that you care about their needs as a customer. This “feel good” factor can and should result in the customer referring a friend to your business.

Spread the word: Ask customers for some testimonials. Put these in a word document and add in details of any awards, socially responsible activity undertaken by your firm, etc and make a pdf flyer detailing the positive attributes of your business. Now spread the good word by emailing this flyer to your contacts. Telling existing customers and potential future clients positive stories about your business can encourage them to refer a client to you in the future.

Say thank you: When a customer concludes their business with your firm, ensure to thank them. You can send them a card shortly after their purchase or simply email them thanking them for their business. This creates a positive image of your business in the mind of your customer and should result in a referral soon after.

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