Using newsletter and web content to increase attendee numbers at your events

News: July 2011

Using newsletter and web content to increase attendee numbers at your events

When promoting a seminar or event to your clients and potential clients, it takes more than just a simple invitation to encourage people to turn up on the day.

It is important to give your target audience a taste of what’s on offer and you can use newsletter and website content to demonstrate the value of attending your event.

Write articles: If your business is offering a breakfast seminar or briefing on a particular topic, an effective way of encouraging guests to attend is to have the speaker write an article on a related topic for your newsletter or website.

This “demonstration of expertise” can whet the appetite of your target audience and leave them wanting more. At the bottom of the article you can provide details of the upcoming event and insert a call to action such as a “register here” button or an email address to send your confirmation of attendance for the event.

If your business has a blog you can also post the article on the blog with a link to a registration form for the event.

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn: Another effective way to encourage your target audience to attend your next event is to post the event details on you firm’s Twitter, LinkedIn and/or Facebook page.

LinkedIn and Facebook even allow you to set up an “Event” where people can click to register their attendance. It may also be worth posting links to the articles / blogs (as per the above) that may be relevant to the event. Again, demonstrating expertise in the area and providing some (but not all) information on the topic can be a strong motivator to encourage invitees to attend the event.

Other relevant content such as excerpts from books written by the speakers or awards the company has won that are related to the subject matter / business area of the event can further demonstrate the firm’s leadership in the subject area and encourage targets to attend the event.

Targeted email invitations: Don’t forget to email your target audience in order to invite them to the event. As part of the email you can include links to relevant topics, details of past events (including photographs if the event was visually impressive) and details of the speaker(s).

If possible include a photo of the speaker(s) along with a photo and details of the person in your firm who is issuing the invitation. For example, if the sales manager has the best relationship with the target audience then they are the person whose photo should appear on the invitation email.

If possible, you should send a professionally designed html email invitation rather than a plain text version. As an alternative you could design an attractive pdf attachment which details the event.