New Apple operating system – OSX Lion

News: August 2011

New Apple operating system – OSX Lion

For the ever increasing number of businesses who have switched from using windows based computers to Apple machines, the big news is the launch of the latest Apple operating system, OSX Lion.

Exciting new features for business users include the new “Auto-Save” feature which automatically saves your work every 5 minutes. The system can also be set up to create a new “version” of your document every hour.

Other useful features include “Air-Drop” which will allow users to locate a colleague’s computer nearby and send files wirelessly to that computer without having to set up a network.

Other updates include full screen apps from the Apple App Store, improvements to multi-touch gestures allowing laptop users to swipe, pinch, etc using the trackpad, improved file search functions and enhanced security features such as the ability to set up privacy preferences for location based services.

All new Apple machines will ship with OSX Lion installed and existing machines can be upgraded using the online Apple app store. For users who don’t use the app store they can get details of updating their operating system on Apple’s website.