Benefits of serviced offices

News: November 2011

Benefits of serviced offices

Whether you are a business start-up or an expanding enterprise, serviced offices represent an attractive alternative to simply leasing or buying an office for your firm. Serviced offices offer everything from a basic office set up to add-ons including meeting rooms, phone answering services, typing services, mailboxes for postage, and so on. Most importantly, serviced offices are generally very presentable office environments that can make your firm look well established and professional.

Creating the right impression is important for any business. If you are meeting clients at your office, you will create a good impression if they are greeted by a modern building housing a smart office environment. For start-ups, the back office support such as telephone answering can create an impression of a larger, well established firm. This can be important for a small start-up firm trying to win its first few significant customers.

From a cost perspective, serviced offices generally offer good value. A serviced office tends to come complete with office furniture and a computer network – both of which are expensive to purchase yourself but are offered as part of a package in a serviced office. Equally, having back office support such as a receptionist to take phone calls and typists when you need them offer further cost savings for businesses – no need to hire full time staff.

As your business grows you can add to your serviced office package. If you need more office space you simply order it. Should you require a meeting room, you can book one in the serviced office as and when you require. For expanding businesses, serviced offices can be a good launch pad for new office locations. For example a firm based in London can lease a serviced office in Bristol quite cheaply. This can then be used as a launch pad for expanding the firm in the Bristol area. If it doesn’t work out, the business simply ends the contract for the serviced office.