Managing your time

News: January 2012

Managing your time

Here are a few tips to help you become a more effective Manager in 2012:

Create a daily “to-do” list – Your list should ideally be broken down into “income producing” and “non-income producing” items. Within these categories you should have “must do” and “like to get done” items. You should try to delegate the non-income producing tasks and also create a separate schedule for working “on the business” rather than “in the business”.

Taking on too much – You should avoid taking on more work than you can feasibly complete. If you need to get more done, you may need to consider hiring additional staff. In general, people work best when they are giving 100% of their focus and attention to any given task. Whether that is replying to an email or writing a pitch document, multi-tasking can lead to mistakes. Instead, follow your “to-do” list and complete each item, one at a time.

Manage distractions – Whether it is avoiding too many encounters with an overly “chatty” colleague or setting your phone to voicemail in order to complete an important task, you should manage distractions in order to minimise time wastage. A major culprit is email. You should set aside designated time for email and avoid checking your email if you are in the middle of a particularly important task.

Take breaks – If you don’t take breaks you will lose concentration and the quality of your work will suffer. Putting in more hours does not mean you are working more effectively. Instead, work smart, manage your time and allow your body sufficient time to recover. If you take breaks regularly (10 minutes for a coffee in the morning and the afternoon, lunch hour, etc) you will allow your body and mind to relax. As a result, when you return to your desk you will be able to continue to perform at a high level.

Work life balance – Sometimes we forget that we “work to live, not live to work”. Therefore it is important to schedule time out. The healthier you are, the harder you can work. To perform at a high level day in day out, you need to maintain your body and mind. Ensure you allow enough time to eat, sleep and enjoy life outside the office.