Electrians lose their spark

News: March 2012

Electrians lose their spark

HMRC have just launched their Electricians’ Tax Safe Plan, to encourage electricians to declare any income they have kept quiet about so far. If you know of any electricians in that category, please point them towards us and we will get the best tax deal for them under this plan.

The special deal involves lower penalties than are normally charged on previously undeclared income and represent a convenient way of coming clean and getting the tax position in order.

Notification for taking part has to be made by 15 May 2012 and the tax arrears have to be paid by 14 August 2012.

Similar campaigns will start soon and we are ready to help anybody within the following categories:

  • Not completed tax returns but are liable to tax at the 40% or 50% rates.
  • Those in the construction and building work industry who are not paying the correct amount of tax. This includes roofers, window fitters, bricklayers, carpenters and joiners.
  • Direct selling from buying and selling goods direct to others, or receiving commission on such sales.
  • Those using e-marketplaces to buy and sell goods as a trade or business (the odd deal should not be a problem).