Holiday time

News: April 2012

Holiday time

Each year, many business owners and managers strive to ensure that their employees use their allocated holiday time. It is commonly the case, however, that these owners and managers fail to use their own holiday allowances.

One reason that some owners and managers struggle to take time off is that they feel “wedded” to the business – they simply cannot switch off. However, just like your staff, as a business manager or owner, you should take holidays for the following reasons:


Remember the feeling when you first started your business? The possibilities, the wonders, and your new future… want that back again? Go on holiday. Get away from the office. Explore a new city, relax on a beach, etc. Enjoy the fruits of your labour, hard work, and relax. You might just find that you come back to the office with renewed positivity and more drive.


Only by taking time away and checking in every once in a while (most managers probably will check in while on holiday – just don’t do it every hour) can you regain your energy. Working day-to-day without a break, no matter how much coffee you drink, will drain your energy. You may find yourself hitting the snooze button a little more often or postponing ideas for tomorrow – all signs you need to get away.


Similar to the above, your creativity will decrease and be less consistent. Getting away for a week and visiting a new place can spark your creative mind. Your best ideas need inspiration; a holiday in a new place may allow you to spot a new business opportunity, idea, product or service that you can introduce to your home market.