Facebook advertising

News: May 2012

Facebook advertising

Many of us have a Facebook profile. Most of us are aware that Facebook presents businesses with an opportunity to connect with potential customers. Few of us have worked out how best to utilise Facebook as an effective business development and marketing tool.

One way to use social media to market your business is by advertising through Facebook. There are other social networks of course, like Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, and each offers users the opportunity to advertise. However, Facebook has the largest number of users.

Below are 3 ideas for a simple Facebook advertising campaign:

  1. Ask questions

    One of the most effective ways to promote your business on Facebook is to ask users a question. Whether it is a survey or just a bit of fun, users will click through in order to find out if they are right or wrong. If you offer a prize it may be easier to encourage users to enter an email address for future marketing purposes.

  2. Choose a good picture which is relevant to your product / service or company

    Creative images together with catchy tag-lines can draw attention from potential customers. For example, a recent IKEA Facebook campaign used a photo of a room decorated with IKEA products and invited users to “guess the price” of the products.

  3. Know your target audience

    A useful feature of Facebook adverts is that you can target your campaign based on various user demographics such as country, age, interests etc. For example, if you are a wedding planner working in London, you can create a Facebook advert that is displayed only to people who are both “engaged” and are located in “London”. Facebook also allows you to choose how you will be charged for your advert. You can either decide to pay a fee each time a user clicks your advert, or pay a fee for every 1000 times the advert is shown to users.