Selecting the right HR software

News: July 2012

Selecting the right HR software

HR plays an important part in any business, whether that business is a large corporation with a dedicated HR department or a small owner-managed business where the owner is also in charge of HR.

Regardless of the size of the firm, having the right software for human resources can streamline functions and make things more efficient. Some HR managers still deal with repetitive tasks such as filling out employee forms or updating personal information for an employee. These simple tasks can be made more efficient through the use of software.

Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) can automate functions such as payroll, the hiring process, training and performance assessment, etc. So what factors should you take into consideration when planning to implement HRIS in your business?

Essentially, the business needs to consider its HR needs, the functions that need to be automated and the price of the software. The HRIS should be easy to use by employees and staff in the business. The best way to determine this is to arrange for your HR manager to see working demonstrations of various HRIS packages and allow them to weigh up the benefits of each system.

A good HRIS should allow employees of the business to update some of their information themselves (therefore reducing the amount of HR work to be completed by management). Employees can look after data such as their personal information, holidays taken and so forth. This saves the HR department lots of paperwork, phone calls and emails to and from employees and gives them the opportunity to focus on other areas that need their attention.

There is a need for information in the HRIS to be secure, as such information can be quite sensitive. A good HRIS should guard against unauthorised access and virus attacks that can leak out sensitive information. The software for human resources should have strong encryption tools and password protection for each user who logs on to the system. The system should show all changes made to payroll accounts and note the individual who authorised the change.