Getting the most out of contractors

News: October 2012

Getting the most out of contractors

From time to time your business may require you to hire contractors in order to deliver a project. Outlined below are a few tips to help you achieve maximum value:

Determine Needs

Your business will engage the services of contractors for a specific purpose. For example, you may need specific skills or extra pairs of hands to assist with administration. Once you have identified your needs, you should document a “statement of work” which identifies both the specifics of the project and the scope of work which the contractors are being brought in to do.

Put Contracts in Place

The contract should contain start and end dates, rates of pay and frequency, specific roles for each contractor, their responsibilities and who they will report to. The contract should also outline company expectations of each contractor.

Get Outsider Perspectives

After documenting the statement of work, you should gain input from people outside of the project. Colleagues who are not directly involved in a project may be able to provide some fresh insight into the challenges your team will face. Equally, it is worth asking your contractors to provide some feedback in relation to the statement of work, as they may be able to identify various ways they can add value to your project.

Provide Support

The business should provide support to contractors from the very beginning. This can include introducing them to key staff members and setting them up with their own workspace. The business needs to know the requirements of each contractor in order to help them deliver their project. It is also important that the business remembers what the contractors have been brought in to achieve; all too often, once contractors become embedded in a business, they are given additional responsibilities. This can dilute their attention away from their original task and so must be avoided.