iPhone 5

News: November 2012

iPhone 5

It seems like only yesterday that the iPhone 4 was launched, amid much fanfare and hype. Today, the design remains sleek and in many ways is still one of the best phones you can buy for business use. Following the recent launch of the iPhone 5, many business users are now considering whether or not to upgrade.

Looking at the specification of Apple’s new model, the iPhone 5 introduces 4G LTE for faster browsing, a larger screen, free turn-by-turn navigation and a faster A6 processor. In addition to the above, its top-to-bottom redesign is sharp, slim, and light.

The iPhone 5 feels instantly familiar to current iPhone users, but the first thing you will notice is how almost every element of the design has been subtly refined and enhanced. On top of the larger, sharper screen and 4G, the new iPhone also features an upgraded camera, speakerphone and better noise-cancelling. The operating system has been upgraded to iOS 6, which brings numerous software improvements to the iPhone. Chief among these is the aforementioned turn-by-turn navigation. Apple’s voice control system, Siri has also been upgraded.

So should business users consider an upgrade? In a word, yes. The iPhone 5 is lighter, slimmer and has a bigger screen, making it easier to use. The larger screen also adds extra space for viewing documents and landscape-oriented videos, as well as enhancing and home-page organisation (by adding an extra row of icons/folders).

One final point is that this phone has the fastest mobile data connection currently available – 4G LTE. iPhone 4 owners who upgrade will start noticing that staying on LTE can actually be faster than using WiFi. As a result, using an iPhone 5 as a personal hot spot for a laptop or other device works really well for business users on the go.