Meeting the expectations of today’s workforce

News: February 2013

Meeting the expectations of today’s workforce

The current economic environment continues to challenge businesses. As such, having the right team in place is key to the success of any business. As firms focus on recruiting the best talent they are no longer seeking employees that can merely get a job done. While traditional recruitment strategies may have focused on finding a candidate with specific talents that performed a particular job function, managers today face the daunting task of hiring employees who are skilled, flexible and sophisticated enough to work well in today’s ultra connected, “always-on” business world.

With millenials slowly taking over the workforce, this new generation’s expectations are very different from their predecessors. Today’s professionals want a career rather than a job. The latest generation of business people want flexibility, a modern working environment and opportunities to progress.

Finding the right people is only half the story. Once you have the right team in your organisation, you need to make sure you retain them. Retaining employees relies on the ability to keep up with a rapidly changing business environment. With technology at the forefront of these changes, managers must find ways to keep employees engaged and stimulated. To accomplish this, human resources should be re-evaluated to stay abreast of these changes and facilitate easy transitions.

The future workforce is changing. Completing tasks and meeting deadlines will not be limited to the office. As technology allows your workforce to be more mobile than ever before, it is necessary to put in place a business strategy which maximises the opportunities presented by allowing employees greater flexibility.

Those firms who embrace such changes and implement appropriate strategies will progress while those who don’t will most likely be left behind. High performance businesses must strive to meet the expectations of the modern workforce in order to progress. Retaining your best people means that you and your business need to adapt, embrace change and give your team the flexibility to work in a way which is productive but also rewarding.