News: May 2013


‘Word of Mouth’ is still one of the most effective marketing techniques, online or offline. In today’s tough market, businesses are fighting for their share of sales. If you can create a reputation and get people talking, you can win new business for your firm.

The best thing about word of mouth marketing is that it doesn’t cost the business any money. Instead, satisfied customers tell people about their positive experience of a business, a brand, a product or service. The key is to ensure that your current customers are satisfied.

Go the extra mile for you clients. Make them feel special − like they have purchased something that delivers real value to them. They will think positively about your business and your brand and will endeavour to tell friends, colleagues and contacts about the positive experience that they have had with your firm.

People do business with people they know and like. Many of us purchase a product or service because it has been recommended to us by a friend or colleague. If that friend or colleague knows or likes a particular product or service, you will most likely trust the firm that offers that product or service.

You can encourage your existing clients to spread the word about your brand by asking for referrals. In order to avoid coming across as desperate for a sale, take a subtle approach. Something along the lines of “We are glad you are satisfied with our product / service. We are very busy but we always welcome a referral”.

The golden rule is − “ask for the business”. After all, people generally want to be able to recommend someone to a friend.