News: June 2013


Communication is as much about non-verbal communication and listening as it is about speaking. Here are some crucial concepts that executives often forget:

Listen with intent Most of us believe we have great listening skills. The fact is, most of us don’t listen well at all. Effective managers purposefully listen. They can easily change how they listen based on the need and the situation.

Be the message As a manager in an organisation, department or business all eyes are on you. You are being watched; how you speak, how you listen, even what you wear. You are your message; you are modelling behaviour that impacts others and your firm. You have the opportunity to help or hinder your business’s morale, productivity, profitability and relationships. You must be aware of what you are communicating through your words and your behaviour.

Be authentic Effective managers are truthful. When you do so, you are positioning yourself to get the results you need and you will strengthen relationships along the way. When a manager is truthful it promotes good practice within the whole firm, even when it means having potentially difficult conversations.

Speak simply and powerfully Learn how to synthesise information to come up with powerful statements. Make your remarks memorable. Most people cannot remember more than a few ideas at a time. Make your points clearly and succinctly. Deliver your message elegantly and powerfully.

Treat communication as a critical process Your business is important to you. Enhance your potential by developing strong communication skills throughout your firm. Design both formal and informal communication training to assure that all of your management team receive consistent and relevant information.