Pinterest Marketing Strategies

News: October 2013

Pinterest Marketing Strategies

With over 27 million unique visitors and in excess of 200 million page views a day, Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing social media sites out there, so it’s all the more important to leverage it in all aspects of your online marketing efforts. Here are some ways to use Pinterest as part of your content marketing process.

Use Pinterest As A Bookmark For Popular Stories

By pinning stories that people are already talking about, it ensures that your content will be relevant and up to date with popular news stories. Pinning articles on timely stories can be a great way to get a quick surge of traffic to your page. You could also repurpose the pin as content by writing an opinion article based off the original pin, providing either a comment or supporting argument in order to keep up interest in the topic and encourage engagement in your content.

Create Content Based On Infographics

In much the same vein as bookmarking articles, infographics make for great repurposed content, and it helps that Pinterest is full of them. In fact, Pinterest’s platform is just a reflection of how popular and important quality images and visually-driven content like infographics have become over the past few years, thus making it one of the best places to find infographics. You can then create an article or comment piece in relation to an infographic and host this article on the news section of your firm’s website. You can then place a link on Pinterest and drive traffic back to your site – thus capturing a new source of traffic for your firms’ site.

Use Pinterest for Inspiration

Finding the most popular pins on Pinterest can serve as a source of inspiration for your content, allowing you to keep your business’s content in touch with popular news stories. On any given day you can find popular pins by browsing different categories and seeing which pins are being repeated, which can help you if your website and content is in a particular niche.