Samsung Galaxy S3 Note

News: November 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3 Note

It seems that smartphones are getting bigger and bigger these days. Samsung is certainly leading the charge with the launch of its Galaxy S3 Note, featuring an impressive 5.7’ display.

The Samsung Galaxy Note range essentially blurs the line between a smartphone and a tablet. Like existing models in the Note range, the S3 Note includes a stylus (dubbed the S-Pen) measuring 110mm in length. It is very lightweight, so it’s not as comfortable to hold and write with as a regular pen, but it’s perfectly good for some quick notes. The nib has a very small tip that allows for much greater accuracy than can be achieved using the wide, squashy tips you’d find on third-party models.

Aside from the screen size and stylus, the Galaxy S3 Note is essentially a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. As the Galaxy S3 is still one of the best smartphones around, this is no bad thing. The Galaxy S3 Note has a 2.3Ghz processor and 3GB of RAM, making it very effective in handling multiple applications.

For business users who are often on the move, the Galaxy S3 Note can essentially function as a mini office and can be used for everything from reading documents, sending emails, editing documents, taking notes or even video conferencing on the go.

The S3 Note packs in a very decent 3,200mAh battery, which is far bigger than the batteries you’ll find in standard smartphones. Unfortunately, the large high definition display and powerful processor really do take their toll on battery life. As such, the Note 3 very much falls in line with what users would expect from most smartphones.

With its bold, full HD display, superbly powerful processor and responsive stylus, the Galaxy Note 3 is an unquestionable powerhouse that’s well suited to business people looking to work on the move. However, its enormous size and high price means it’s unlikely to be a sensible option for non-business users.