News: January 2014


Connecting your HR Systems with the rest of the Business

Integration of systems and sharing of data is key to running a successful business no matter how big or small the company. HR is no exception and should connect to other systems for both reporting and triggering actions. A useful suite of standard reports configured by HR software should include:

  • Headcount
  • Employee turnover & stability
  • Departmental salaries & payroll
  • Absence costs by Department
  • Objectives Met and Outstanding
  • Training Needs Met and Outstanding

Such reports are only as good as the quality of the information within them. Also make sure that everyone receives adequate training. E.g. Finance should be trained on how to run reports from the HR system to run cost and budget reports, affected by HR data such as headcount, etc.

After reporting, your business should consider triggered actions. Actions which are automatically triggered could include appraisal dates, probation review, absence reports, etc. and can help to reduce the admin workload for HR.

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