Community amateur sports club, social, and occupational health

News: January 2014

Community amateur sports club, social, and occupational health

Community amateur sports club (CASC)

An individual can make a donation to a CASC under Gift Aid. This will be extended to cover donations of money made by companies.

Social investment tax relief

As previously announced, a new tax relief for equity and certain debt investments in social enterprises will be available from April 2014. Organisations which are charities, community interest companies or community benefit societies will be eligible. Following consultation, investment in social impact bonds issued by companies limited by shares will also be eligible.

A ‘roadmap’ for social investment will be published in January 2014.

Tax exemption for employer funded occupational health treatments

As previously announced a tax exemption will apply for amounts up to £500 paid by employers for medical treatment for employees. Following consultation this exemption will extend to medical treatments recommended by employer arranged occupational health services in addition to those recommended by the new Health and Work Service.