Getting induction processes right

News: May 2014

Getting induction processes right

In a world where the latest generation of “millennial” workers are prone to changing jobs, the importance of a good employee induction plan can no longer be ignored. In order to get your induction process right you need to consider:

  • How long it takes new employees to become a productive member of the team
  • How long it generally takes new team members to reach a level of competency so that they can work for a key client
Team involvement

Getting your new recruits involved with the right people is key. Integrating your new employee with the team should involve activities which are relevant, interactive and, most importantly, fun! A dedicated mentoring relationship is also extremely helpful to your new hire as they will feel secure knowing that they have someone to turn to with their questions. The mentor should be an established member of the company and someone your new hire will feel comfortable seeking assistance from on policies, procedures and guidelines.

Prepare a workspace

Nothing makes someone feel more welcome than when you take steps to prepare for them. Depending on their role, here are some common workplace essentials to have in place, ideally before your new hire is on board:

  • Email account set up
  • Stationery
  • Mobile phone / BlackBerry if applicable
  • Security access card / fob
  • Computer set up with software, passwords etc
  • Business cards if applicable

It is important that you make your new employee feel that the business cares about them. The onboarding process should include formal training in their first week. This training could include HR, policy and procedure training, IT training for specific systems, etc.

Ensure that your training programme is timely and relevant to their position and role in the company, and that you encourage them to take part in further after-hours education, workshops or CPD training where relevant.