Tips for delegating from the top

News: August 2012

Tips for delegating from the top

We all know that delegation is important in business. However, if and when you find yourself as the Managing Director, CEO or Managing Partner it is important to remember that you can’t do it all yourself. Delegation skills are particularly important to the leaders of an organisation as this sets the bar for the entire management team. In order to succeed at this enormous task they will need to make choices about delegating the right work to the right employees.

Delegation of responsibilities is not easy. It requires a complete review of the entire talent pool available within the business before the people who will be chosen to complete the task can be selected.

Choose the right person

The very first step is to choose a deserving person for a particular responsibility. The selection should be unbiased and based on a candidate’s skill, attitude, determination, adaptability, and ability to handle responsibilities. The person should be self-motivated, hardworking, and most importantly a team player.

Give adequate training and time to the person

When delegating responsibility to your team, help them by defining a road map, give guidance and allow adequate time for them to transition into their new role and its responsibilities.

Show confidence in their abilities

Boost the confidence of employees by showing your faith in their skills and abilities. Show them the direction in which you want them to proceed and motivate them to move ahead with their own instincts and methods. Let them handle challenges with their own strength and take their decision (under your supervision and guidance). Don’t interfere unnecessarily and try to give them the freedom they need in order to complete the task. This will ultimately build trust within your firm.

Maintain your Influence

Business leaders should delegate responsibilities to deserving team members but should not delegate their influence. The Managing Director’s influence ensures harmony and balance in an organisation. Being at the top of the pyramid, the Managing Director can keep an eye on the complete operational system and can identify the loopholes and weaker links.